Introduction to Open OnDemand (OOD)

Open OnDemand (OOD) is a web portal to the Discovery cluster. A Discovery account is necessary for you to access OOD. If you need an account, see Request an account. If you already have an account, in a web browser, go to and sign in with your Northeastern username and password.

OOD provides you with a number of resources for interacting with the Discovery cluster:

  • Launch a terminal that runs within your web browser without needing a separate terminal program. This is an advantage if you use Windows, as otherwise you need to download and use a separately installed program, such as MobaXterm.
  • Use software applications, such as SAS Studio, that run in your browser without needing any further configuration. See Using OOD’s Interactive Apps for more information.
  • View, download, copy, and delete files using the File Explorer feature. See Using OOD’s File Explorer for more information.


OOD is a web-based application. You access it by using a web browser. Like many web-based applications, it has compatibility issues with certain web browsers. For optimal results, use OOD with newer versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. OOD does not currently have support for Safari or mobile devices (phones and tablets).