Welcome to the official online help system for Northeastern University’s Research Computing team! This documentation will help get you started with using Northeastern’s Discovery cluster system. This help system contains the most up-to-date information and instructions on getting an account, connecting to the system, loading modules, running jobs, and storing data. If you are not familiar with high performance computing, you should take our training courses before working on the system. You can find information about the training and services that the Research Computing team provides at our website: http://www.rc.northeastern.edu.

This help system is updated frequently to reflect the latest information about Discovery, as well as to add new topics to help you with your research. Check back often to view our updates.

We want your feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered in this documentation, submit a Research Computing Documentation request.

What is Discovery

Discovery is a high performance computing (HPC) resource for the Northeastern University research community. The Discovery cluster is located in the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (https://www.mghpcc.org/) in Holyoke, MA. MGHPCC is a 90,000 square foot, 15 megawatt research computing and data center facility that houses computing resources for five institutions: Northeastern, BU, Harvard, MIT, and UMass.